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The services and benefits provided by the “California Association of Homeowners Associations” (CAHOA) are numerous and broad. the California Association of Homeowners Associations Inc. will review your association’s records and documents and make suggestions and recommendations. Upon request we will review your Rules and Regulations, Budget Pro Forma, Reserve Study, Minutes of Meetings, Financial Reports (not an audit), Collection Policy and Election Policy. We will make recommendations and suggestions as appropriate and provide you with consulting on specific matters.


The purpose of the California Association of Homeowners Associations is to provide Community Associations, Condominiums and Common Interest Developments,’ Boards of Directors and Homeowners with complete, comprehensive and professional information pertaining to this industry. We are assisting Boards of Directors with information and solutions to their problems which they may not be able to provide for themselves. The “CAHOA” has been organized to strengthen the real estate investment of our members, establish distinguished professional standards and codes of ethics dedicated to: “Strength In Unity, and the Value and Enjoyment of Property”, and provide a “Standard of Professionalism” for Homeowners Associations, Management Companies and Boards of Directors.


The needs of “Community Associations” are unique: cost of insurance, utilities, maintenance and other budget items continue to increase. In recent years this has resulted in a substantial increase in association dues. Dues go up, costs go up, but for many associations, reserves are not able to keep up with the demand, and in the meantime, our community associations continue to get older which in turn requires more maintenance and additional costs and the cycle continues. On the other hand, many homeowners such as, those on fixed incomes, first time buyers and homeowners concerned with selling their units are interested in keeping dues as low as possible.


The California Association of Homeowners Associations provides homeowners with many additional benefits and services. Community Associations’ needs are evaluated on a regular basis. With members throughout California contacting us and through our comprehensive research, we have gathered a vast wealth of information. We are the organization for collecting important community association information and a resource for providing solutions to association’s problems. We distribute our information freely to all associations, homeowners, property managers, local governments and to anyone that may have a need for it. Our Web Site is very active with frequent visitors all day. Many e-mails and phone calls are received daily.


Board members and homeowners now have a place to discuss their problems and seek answers to their questions. The industry is changing and by providing appropriate information and keeping Boards of Directors and homeowners informed, we are playing a significant part in the direction it is headed. When quality information is provided to those that need it, the industry benefits, property values increase, and homeowners can enjoy their homes.

Financial planning and reporting is essential to the success of any organization. There is an extraordinary need to standardize and improve the accounting and financial reporting of many community associations. The California Association also provides financial consulting services for accounts receivable, accounts payable, budget preparation, preparing and understanding cash flow reports and reserve analysis studies to self-managed associations.

The California Association has established a standard by which to measure the qualifications, efficiency and effectiveness of property managers.

The California Association provides education and training for Board Members and consultation for management companies. Seminars are being scheduled throughout the year to accommodate new board members on subjects of finance, conducting meetings, parliamentary procedure, and preparation of essential records et.

The California Association provides a forum to help resolve problems between the association and homeowners or management companies.

The California Association will provide guidelines and standards for association “Rules & Regulations” that will assist associations in preparing or updating their Rules and Regulations.

Lenders have often been critical of associations because of the difficulty in obtaining necessary information when trying to close an escrow. Escrow information is readily available to lenders upon request.

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