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Sample Condominium Reserve Study Analysis


Create your Reserve Study, Budget and Financial Analysis


California Civil Code 5300 and Civil Code 5560 require that every association must annually adopt and disclose the Reserve Funding Plan. Typical Reserve Studies have a 30-yr Funding Plan.

Civil Code 5300 requires a full Summary of the Reserve Study be included in the annual budget report. California Civil Code 5570 defines the annual Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure.

The Civil Code requires in-person site every three years, while this should be done by a professional, the code is not clear on this requirement. Homeowners in small associations, with certain qualifications, can prepare their own reserve study by using the format available here. It is highly recommended that Reserve Study professionals be used for the official association Reserve Study.

The format here can help provide analysis of the data for the benefit of the homeowners.

Click here to view sample excel Reserve Study

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