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HOA SAMM Management


Starting at $300 per month and adjusted relative to size.

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Frequently we have been as ked by small and medium sized associations if we can recommend a management company that is willing to service associations with units or homes small in number. This reoccurring request has prompted us to develop the "Small Association Financial and Modified Management Services Program" (or SAMM for short). It is our experience that small and self-managed associations often fail to receive satisfactory professional association direction , counseling and administration. Frequently financial reports and documents are prepared without utilizing "generally accepted accounting principles with accrual accounting" and procedural requirements as set forth in California State Codes often go unattended. This service is designed for small and medium sized Homeowners Associations (Condominiums, Townhomes and Single Family Homes) and associations in out of the way areas at a cost you can afford. This program is intended to provide you with all the basic, essential services and offering consulting services on specific items on a monthly or an "as needed" basis. These basic services include:


  1. Collection of association dues
  2. Payment of association bills
  3. Monthly or quarterly reconciled financial reports
  4. Annual financial reports for tax purposes
  5. Annual Budget preparation
  6. Reserve Study update and analysis


  1. Assist Board of Directors in the performance of their financial and administrative duties
  2. Assist Board of Directors in complying with State Codes and Laws
  3. Provide Annual year-end disclosures
  4. Assist with Annual Elections

The benefits provided by the California Association of Homeowners Associations Inc. (also referred to as “California Association”) are numerous. Included in our program, the California Association of Homeowners Associations Inc. will review many of your association’s records and documents and make suggestions or recommendations. We will review your Rules and Regulations, Budget Pro Forma, Reserve Study, Minutes of Meetings, Financial Reports (not an audit), collection policy and annual disclosure report. We will make recommendations and suggestions as appropriate and provide you with consulting on certain specific matters.

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