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Collecting Association Dues - Small Claims Court

Collecting Association Dues - In Small Claims Court

"An effective collection tool that can be used'

The California Association of Homeowners Associations will represent your Homeowners Association in court to collect outstanding financial obligations from homeowners. Contact our office for additional information and the cost of this service.

Homeowners Associations are California Corporation. The homeowners are the Stockholders. The Stockholders elect a Board of Directors to govern the association. The officers of the corporation (association) are the: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member at Large.

The Board of Directors, as officers of the corporation, have a duty to all homeowners to levy assessments (dues) in order to maintain the property including the common area and to keep the association financial strong. The Board of Directors have a duty to collect the dues from the homeowners and to protect the investments and interests of the homeowners, the association and the corporation. Boards do not have the right to forgive the financial obligations or debts of the homeowners.

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