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________________Homeowners Association


A Mutual Benefit Corporation


The following Resolution of the ________________Homeowners Association Restricting the Rental, Leasing or Subleasing of Property at the ________________Homeowners Association has been formally and officially presented to the Association's Membership and adopted and signed by the Board of Directors in order to establish the Association's official Rental, Leasing or Subleasing Policy.

Whereas, the "________________Homeowners Association" is a "California nonprofit mutual benefit Corporation" consisting of 19 units located within _________ CA, ___________ County; and

Whereas, said condominiums have been constructed and zoned as Single Family dwellings and each unit owner is an equal co-owner of the Homeowners Association; and

Whereas, the members of the Board of Directors have been elected by the homeowners and endowed by the California Corporations Code, California Civil Code and the association's CC&Rs and Bylaws with the rights, obligations, privileges, responsibilities and duty to manage the affairs of the association, conduct the association's business and attend to the obligations of said association; and

Whereas, the Board of Directors of said Homeowners Association are placed in authority to reassure that homes, buildings and structures are adequately maintained, and the common area and all areas of the association maintained as set forth in the CC&Rs and By-Laws of said Homeowners Association and also the California Civil Code; and

Whereas, each Homeowner is responsible for their pro rata and equal share of the costs to maintain and operate said Homeowners Association; and

Whereas, the units of said condominiums have unit address numbers assigned to them and which numbers have been placed at or near the entrance of said units to identify the same; and

Whereas, certain Governing Documents and Rules and Regulations of said Association have been adopted to protect the occupants of each unit, to protect the Common Area and Property of the Association, to protect the investment of the individual owners, and to assure the reasonable enjoyment of the property; and

Whereas, the Board of Directors has been given the responsibility to enforce the Association's Documents and Rules and Regulations,

Now, therefore, the Board of Directors of the "________________Homeowners Association" herewith declare that "Short-Term" or "Temporary" Leasing or Subleasing of property at the "________________Homeowners Association" shall be prohibited without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors.

Short-term leasing is defined as property leased for durations of time less than twelve months. Monthly-to-month rentals and day-to-day rentals are Short Term rentals. Vacation Rentals is also defined as a short term rental and is strictly prohibited. Subletting of Rental units is prohibited. Subletting often involves a secondary tenant for a short period of time and is strictly prohibited. Rental and Lease contracts shall be evidenced by a written document containing specific names, terms, conditions and duration.

Short Term leasing for a period less than six (6) months is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.

What is more, the quantity of units which may be rented at any given moment for a period of time considered long term is restricted to a number representing not more than forty nine (49%) percent of the total units of the ________________Homeowners Association and shall apply equally to all leases.

The Association shall devise a fair system for maintaining a waiting list for Owners desiring to lease their units which system shall include provisions accommodating cases of confirmed personal hardship, while not permitting, short-term leases in excess of twenty (20%) percent.

Cases of confirmed hardship include, but not limited to, death of the Owner; the decision of an employer to relocate an Owner to another community; or an illness or disability that prevents the Owner from personally occupying the Unit.

Owners shall be responsible for their tenants' and occupants' actions or misconduct and adherence to the CC&R's, Bylaws of the Association, and Rules and Regulations. Each Owner shall be responsible for providing their tenants with a current copy of the Association's Governing Documents.

This Resolution adopted this ___ day of ________, 2018, by the "________________Homeowners Association" and signed by the Board of Directors.

President: ____________________________

Vice Pres. ____________________________

Secretary: ____________________________

Treasurer: ____________________________

Mbr. at Large ____________________________

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