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Managing Condominium and Homeowners Associations



In recent months (and years) we have experienced major changes in the world we live that have affected many, if not all, aspects of our lives and the conditions in which we live. Improved technology has changed the way in which we now perform many of our daily work tasks. We have observed major improvements to state freeways and streets that have made commuting easier. Movies and TV with their enhanced dramatics and special effects have become more entertaining.


The most profound of these improvements, however, has been the evolutions and proliferation made in communications. Computer technology with all its advancements and refinements, in many respects, has been the main source of the changes and transitions we have experienced and enjoyed. Faster, improved, friendlier and less expensive computers have indeed made a significant and permanent impact on our business and the business community. The computer and the massive, advanced features of the internet’s world wide web have forever changed the business world by providing massive quantities of current and usable information readily and literally at our fingertips . Indeed, the wise and progressive businessperson has long ago grasped the value of these ingenious tools and integrated them into their business activities.

The new technology is obviously more adaptable to certain businesses and professions than to others. And, what is more, some business and persons are more inclined to use this new technology than others. As for the Real Estate Management industry, the applications and ramifications are extensive and invaluable and have become common place. While certain aspects of the management process by nature cannot or will not change, many of the process, techniques and methodologies utilized by this industry in prior times are gone or will soon be gone forever.


In the year 2023 the Property Manager is expected to be all things to all people. Property Managers expected to have a current, working knowledge of finance, accounting, parliamentary procedure, construction, landscape, real estate, state and city laws and codes and a variety of other qualities and information and be prepared to provide the Homeowners or Board of Directors with answers to their questions upon request. With few places to turn for formal instruction, the property manager in most cases gained his / her knowledge on the job.

Functioning in this environment is, for many Property Managers, a challenge.

Evolving from chaos are new and improved methods of managing homeowners’ associations and other common interest developments. The year 2021 in the twenty first century has indeed been greeted with sophisticated property management programs and techniques designed and implemented with one main objective, to increase the value and enjoyment of property. The internet’s incredible ability to provide massive quantities of information to Boards of Directors, homeowners and property managers has made this objective a present-day reality.

The following overview sets forth in detail the technicalities of managing homeowners’ associations and common interest developments in the year 2023 and in the 21 century.


To ensure that all aspects of the association are professionally managed, the various management functions are divided into four (4) categories.

  • Professional Management
  • Middle Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Landscape Management

1. Professional Management

The function of Professional Management is to provide competent, credible and effective management services at the highest level. These services include administrative services, financial services and coordination of all management functions and services at the highest levels.

A. Administrative Services

Administrative services include liaison between the Board of Directors and the management company. The management company is expected to provide direction and offer suggestions and recommendations to the board. Administrative services include procurement of contracts and agreements for services such as landscape , pools and maintenance as well as taxes and reserve study.

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