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A symbol of leadership in property management, Condo Properties has a staff of highly trained professionals available to customize service to our clients and professionally manage their property.

The Professional Manager is expected to provide competent, credible and effective management services at the highest level. These services include administrative services, financial services and coordination of all management functions and services at all levels.

The property manager is intended to be all things to all people. Each property manager is expected to have a contemporary, working knowledge of finance, accounting, parliamentary procedure, construction, landscape, real estate, state and city laws and codes and a variety of other qualities and information and be prepared to provide the homeowners and Board of Directors with answers to questions upon request.

Our Staff of professionals are skilled with new and improved methods of managing homeowners associations. The year 2013 and the twenty first century have indeed been greeted with sophisticated property management programs and techniques designed and implemented with one main objective, to increase the value and enjoyment of property. The internet's incredible ability to provide massive quantities of information to Boards of Directors, homeowners and property managers has made this objective a present day reality.


Represented on our schedule of preferred vendors is legal counsel to provide immediate, competent legal advice. As our society and laws become more complex, the issues before us require greater specialized training and expertise to resolve. Our legal council is readily available to assist us in protecting the interests and investments of our clients.


Accounting and financial reports for homeowners associations must be prepared in compliance with California law which requires specialized accounting training and experience in Condominium Real Estate accounting and finance.

We are represented by Certified Public Accountants experi­enced and qualified in this specialized area of account­ing.


The "Administration Planning" is one of the most significant aspects of condominium management. Therefore, a methodical, well planned strategy for your association will be prepared to professionally and effectively manage your association.

Community administration takes years of training and experience and because the total value of the property is high, with financing in today's market intricately complicated and combined with a demand to service both the homeowner's association and the homeowner, the administration of associations must be done in a precise and professional manner.


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