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4285 - 4295 Condominium Plan

SECTION 4285-4295

Condominium Plan

4285.  A condominium plan shall contain all of the following:
   (a) A description or survey map of a condominium project, which
shall refer to or show monumentation on the ground.
   (b) A three-dimensional description of a condominium project, one
or more dimensions of which may extend for an indefinite distance
upwards or downwards, in sufficient detail to identify the common
area and each separate interest.
   (c) A certificate consenting to the recordation of the condominium
plan pursuant to this act that is signed and acknowledged as
provided in Section 4290.

4290.  (a) The certificate consenting to the recordation of a
condominium plan that is required by subdivision (c) of Section 4285
shall be signed and acknowledged by all of the following persons:
   (1) The record owner of fee title to that property included in the
condominium project.
   (2) In the case of a condominium project that will terminate upon
the termination of an estate for years, by all lessors and lessees of
the estate for years.
   (3) In the case of a condominium project subject to a life estate,
by all life tenants and remainder interests.
   (4) The trustee or the beneficiary of each recorded deed of trust,
and the mortgagee of each recorded mortgage encumbering the
   (b) Owners of mineral rights, easements, rights-of-way, and other
nonpossessory interests do not need to sign the certificate.
   (c) In the event a conversion to condominiums of a community
apartment project or stock cooperative has been approved by the
required number of owners, trustees, beneficiaries, and mortgagees
pursuant to Section 66452.10 of the Government Code, the certificate
need only be signed by those owners, trustees, beneficiaries, and
mortgagees approving the conversion.

4295.  A condominium plan may be amended or revoked by a recorded
instrument that is acknowledged and signed by all the persons who, at
the time of amendment or revocation, are persons whose signatures
are required under Section 4290.

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