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4500 - 4510 Ownership Rights and Interests

SECTION 4500-4510

Ownership Rights and Interests

4500.  Unless the declaration otherwise provides, in a condominium
project, or in a planned development in which the common area is
owned by the owners of the separate interests, the common area is
owned as tenants in common, in equal shares, one for each separate

4505.  Unless the declaration otherwise provides:
   (a) In a community apartment project and condominium project, and
in those planned developments with common area owned in common by the
owners of the separate interests, there are appurtenant to each
separate interest nonexclusive rights of ingress, egress, and
support, if necessary, through the common area. The common area is
subject to these rights.
   (b) In a stock cooperative, and in a planned development with
common area owned by the association, there is an easement for
ingress, egress, and support, if necessary, appurtenant to each
separate interest. The common area is subject to these easements.

4510.  Except as otherwise provided in law, an order of the court,
or an order pursuant to a final and binding arbitration decision, an
association may not deny a member or occupant physical access to the
member's or occupant's separate interest, either by restricting
access through the common area to the separate interest, or by
restricting access solely to the separate interest.
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