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5350 Conflict of Interest


Conflict of Interest

5350.  (a) Notwithstanding any other law, and regardless of whether
an association is incorporated or unincorporated, the provisions of
Sections 7233 and 7234 of the Corporations Code shall apply to any
contract or other transaction authorized, approved, or ratified by
the board or a committee of the board.
   (b) A director or member of a committee shall not vote on any of
the following matters:
   (1) Discipline of the director or committee member.
   (2) An assessment against the director or committee member for
damage to the common area or facilities.
   (3) A request, by the director or committee member, for a payment
plan for overdue assessments.
   (4) A decision whether to foreclose on a lien on the separate
interest of the director or committee member.
   (5) Review of a proposed physical change to the separate interest
of the director or committee member.
   (6) A grant of exclusive use common area to the director or
committee member.
   (c) Nothing in this section limits any other provision of law or
the governing documents that govern a decision in which a director
may have an interest.

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