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Financial & Records Evaluation Services

Financial and Records Evaluation Services

Frequently we have been asked by Boards of Directors (and homeowners) to review certain documents of their association to determine if the documents and financial records are complete, in proper form and include all required information and to make suggestions to the Board of Directors.

More recently, associations have become increasingly concerned with their association’s expenses and Boards want to know, for example, if the various line items on their income statement, balance sheet and budget are consistent with other associations of similar size and description. And more importantly, how and where they can save money.

We have frequently been able to make worthy comments that have saved the associations money, in some cases, lots of money.

This service is obviously not necessary for all associations. But if you are interested please contact us by email and we will send you a list of the information needed. Or you can send a letter to: California Association of Homeowners Associations, Inc. 1452 w. 9TH Street # E, Upland, CA 91786 (888-771-7552). Allow 10-15 days to complete the evaluation.
This is not a certified financial audit.

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