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Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilization and Weed Control

It is recommended that the lawns be chemically treated six (6) times a year with a combination of fertilizer and weedilizer. Granular and liquid chemicals are used depending on the time of the year, present weather conditions and the condition of lawn at the time. Frequent fertilization will keep the lawns and shrubs healthy and assists them in fighting off weeds, insects and disease and at the same time will provide the most consistent color throughout the year. Frequent, appropriate applications of weedilizer and preemergents will control the weeds before the seeds have an opportunity to germinate and grow. Chemically treating lawns is the only effective way to treat turf for crabgrass, Bermuda or devil grass, oxallis, sperg and other annoying weeds. To control crabgrass a liquid preemergent is applied at the first of the year when the ground is cold and the winter weather has halted the growing cycle and hopefully killed the existing crabgrass. The preemergent application kills the seeds before they have an opportunity to germinate. The treatment of broad leaf weeds is only done with liquid chemicals and then only if the broadleaf weeds are present or visible.

The very nature of weeds and the reason for frequent applications is that the seeds are often airborne or transmitted by birds. Therefore, new weeds begin to grow between applications. It may require more than one season to take control of the lawns if they have not been treated for a few years.

Each chemical treatment contains the proper mix of fertilizer and weed control. The most effective times of the year to treat the complex is:

JANUARY – FEBRUARY High nitrogen fertilizer with crab grass weed control.

MARCH – APRIL Complete fertilizer with crabgrass control and broadleaf control

MAY – JUNE Complete fertilizer with broadleaf control

JULY – AUGUST Complete fertilizer

SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER Complete fertilizer

NOVEMBER – DECEMBER High nitrogen fertilizer


Lawns, shrubs and trees are susceptible to fungus and bugs. The treatment of this condition is done on a case by case basis and only if there is evidence that a problem occurs.

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