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Letter-Appointment Management Company

Letter-Appointment Management Company

Appointment Management Company


August 25, 200X

Dear Homeowner:

XXX Property Management is pleased to have been selected to provide Property Management Services for your Homeowners Association. For more than 15 years we have specialized in managing condominium association. It is our sincere desire to provide your association with the best possible property management services.

We will be visiting your property on a regular basis and look forward to meeting each of you personally. You may feel free to contact our office at any time as our services are needed. Meanwhile, we have entered the name of each homeowner into our computers as we have received them. The spelling or the name may be incorrect. Please call our office or send a note if the information is to be corrected. We are also reconciling your account. If you believe the balance as shown on your statement to be inaccurate please call me directly.

You are herewith requested to refer all matters relating to your association to:

123434 City Street Somewhere, California 917??
(555) 555-1111
fx: 555-614-5555

You will receive a statement for payment of dues on a monthly basis on or about the 25th of each month. Please make your check payable to: “Condo Sweet Condo HOA” and mail it in the envelope provided to XXX Property Management company. It is truly our pleasure to serve you.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.



ssssss dddddd
Owner – Broker

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