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Property Manager Satisfied Certification Requirements

Has Property Manager Satisfied Certification Requirements


11504. On or before September 1, 2003, and on an annual basis
thereafter, a person who either provides or contemplates providing
the services of a common interest development manager to a community
association shall disclose to the board of directors of the community
association the following information:
(a) Whether or not the common interest development manager has met
the requirements of Section 11502 so he or she may be called a
certified common interest development manager.
(b) The name, address, and telephone number of the professional
association that certified the common interest development manager,
the date the manager was certified, and the status of the
(c) The location of his or her primary office.
(d) Prior to entering into or renewing a contract with a community
association, the common interest development manager shall disclose
to the governing board of the community association whether the
fidelity insurance of the community manager or his or her employer
covers the operating and reserve funds of the community association.
This requirement may not be construed to compel or require a
community association or common interest development manager to
require fidelity insurance.
(e) Possession of an active real estate license, if applicable.
This section may not preclude a common interest development
manager from disclosing information as required in Section 1363.1 of
the Civil Code.

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