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Vehicle Parking Policy

Sample Parking Policy



EFFECTIVE _____________ 1, 20XX

The association’s Rules and Regulations permit each unit (owner or tenant) to park up to two (2) vehicles in the association’s parking area. The vehicles must be parked in unit owners’ assigned or parking space. All vehicles must have current state license plates and registration and be in running condition. They must be kept clean and shall display the association’s parking permit at all times.


You will receive up to two (2) parking permits. One ( 1 ) parking permit for each vehicle. Each vehicle must be registered with the management company in order to receive a parking permit. The parking permit must always be visible when the vehicle is on association property.

Vehicles without a parking permit, parked in prohibited areas or parked in violation of the association’s Rules and Regulations will be towed away at owners expense. No further warnings will be given.


Visitor parking areas are restricted to “Visitors” only. Owners and Tenants are prohibited from parking in the visitor parking areas and will be towed away at owners expense. No further warnings will be given.

Your cooperation concerning this matter is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please call ____________.


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