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Information required to be provided Owners - Annual Disclosures


The California State Legislature reorganized and codified the California Civil Codes pertaining to Community Associations, which became effective January 1, 2014.

In compliance with California Civil Codes the following is an index of the yearly notices which are required to be distributed to the community:


1. Alternative Dispute Resolution Disclosure (ADR) (Civil Code §5925-5965)

2. Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure (IDR) (Civil Code §5310(a) (9), 5920, 5965)

3. Request for Resolution (FORM)


4. Assessments and Foreclosures (Civil Code §5600)

5. Notice / Assessments & Foreclosure (Civil Code §5675)

6. Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy (Civil Code §5310(a) (6), 5650, (Civil Code 5730)

7. Minutes Disclosure (Civil Code §4920)

8. Financial Report (Civil Code §5305)



9. Insurance Disclosure (Civil Code §5300(b) (9))

10. Architectural Approval Requirements (Civil Code §5310(a) (10), 4765)

11. Election Rules (Civil Code §5100 - 5135)


12. Reserve Fund Plan (summary) (Civil Code §5500 - 5550)

13. Reserve Fund Plan (update) (Civil Code §5560 - 5570)

14. Pro Forma Operating Budget (Civil Code §5300(b) (1))

15. Audit - Review of Financial Statement (Civil Code §5305)


1. ADR Disclosure 
2. Internal Dispute 
3. Request for Resolution 
4. Assessment & Foreclosure 
5. Payments & Payments Standards 
6. Deliquent Assessment Collection Policy 
7. Minutes Disclosure 
8. Financial Reports 
9. Insurance Disclosure 
10. Architectural Approval Requirements 
11. Election Rules

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