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Doctors have their Medical Association, Dentists have their "California Dental Association," Police Officers have their own association while teachers belong to the "California Teachers Association." Virtually every special interest group in the state has its own association. However, there has never been a California Association for California's Condominium and Townhome owners ---- UNTIL NOW!


In California, there are an estimated 55,000 community associations comprising condominiums, townhomes and single family associations. They represent an estimated 3,000,000 units and are occupied by an estimated 5,000,000 people. Annually, California community associations spend an estimated six billion dollars and own an estimated 450 billion dollars in property values. With such impressive numbers one would logically assume that a local California organization exists to represent the special interests of this vast population. This has not been the case. There has never been an Association of Homeowners Associations exclusively to represent the needs and interests of California's condominiums, townhomes and common interest developments.


The California Association of Homeowners Associations Incorporated can help Homeowners Associations in solving financial and other problems. By joining together and utilizing the strength of our great numbers, community associations can significantly reduce costs of major items; items such as insurance, painting, roofing, slurry sealing and tree trimming, and other large ticket items. Moreover, vendors such as contractors, plumbers and electricians will offer discounts when providing services on a group basis. Work provided is often better performed when the vendor is aware the quality of service will be known to other homeowners. There are many functions performed by vendors that are common to most Homeowners Associations where group rates could result in substantial savings for Homeowners Associations.


The cost of HOA insurance has recently dramatically increased. We can reduce this cost, hopefully, when associations adopt appropriate policies on an industry wide basis to manage their insurance coverage and work together to mitigate claims and losses. At the same time, we will also convey a message to primary insurance companies and reinsurance companies that there is enormous strength, order and direction in the community association industry that will affect future insurance rates and regulations at state and federal levels.


Problems affecting community associations, however, are not solely financial. Often problems that have financial consequences originate with other matters. For example, some associations may have financial problems because many of their owners consider their residence in a condominium or townhome as a temporary stay, the step between an apartment and a single family home. Consequently, dues and reserves may be kept unreasonably low and may explain the lack of owner interest in being involved or participating in association decisions and business. Many owners may truly believe they will only reside in their condominium for two or three years, so why not defer the reserves and other problems to someone else. Many of these same homeowners, however, often end up extending the intended short duration to many years. Moreover, many community associations may not have developed sound policies or practices for dealing with people problems, especially difficult people or major expense items.

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