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Condominium Consulting Services Qualifications


Consulting, Financial Management, Election and Administrative Services

We are providing Consultation to Community Associations, Boards of Directors, Homeowners, Property Managers, Builders and Investors.

For the past twenty five (25) years, with more than thirty five years of management experience, nine years City Management experience, an MBA degree, a Broker's License and a Certified Property Management Credential, we have been managing and consulting in the Community Association Industry.

The management of condominiums and community associations, however, has significantly changed over the past several years and continues to change even to this date. State and local regulations have affected the association's corporate status, new and ever changing laws have placed greater administrative demands on associations Board of Directors and the financial burdens on association's homeowners has intensified.

In the past, some associations have preferred to be self-managed as a method intended to save the association's money. This may have been satisfactory and also acceptable years ago but in today's politically and financially sensitive environment, Professional Management and Consulting Administration is essential and even expected.

As the population enlarges and occupants live closer in proximity to each other, the demands, obligations and necessities placed on the association will continue to increase. Condominium living has also become the preferred way of living.

The California Association of Homeowners Associations, Inc. provides consulting services covering all aspects of the Condominium Association Industry and Common Interest Developments.

We have assisted many associations, helped them solve major problems and saved them lots of money. We can help you also. If you need our services or have questions please email to: or give us a call (951) 634-9266.

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